About Us

About Us

Founded in the year 1995, Stuttering Foundation has paved a new path in the field of Stutter Prevention and treatment. One of the most misunderstood disabilities, stuttering affects 1% Indians, that is nearly 12.5 million people. Among children, especially under 14 years, the percentage is substantially higher at 5%. Despite decades of research, both basic and clinical, the causes are still largely unknown. A complex and a rarely discussed developmental disorder, stuttering ratio among adults is shockingly 1 women to 4 men.

At Stuttering Foundation, we offer you information, resources, tools and treatment to those who suffer from stuttering with additional support provided to their families as well. We try to find the root cause of stuttering in each patient through your one-on-one free consultation with the our therapists and their in-depth analysis and study of your life, habits and patterns. Here, our primary focus is on you and you alone.

Our highly skilled and talented team at Stuttering foundation is a well balanced mix of Speech Therapists, our Management team, our Administrators, Students and Volunteers. This unique blend of skillets from each group of people help us at Stuttering Foundation to treat each person who comes to us with a stutter in a unique manner.


Qualified therapist, administrators, students and volunteers

A well balanced mix of Speech Therapists, Administrators, Students and Volunteers make Stuttering Foundation a well rounded and capable organisation that is well equipped with treating as well as preventing stuttering.