How it works?

“It doesn't stop being magic just because you know how it works.”

Terry Pratchett

As an individual approaching Stutter Foundation for help in treating or preventing stutter, it is only natural to be apprehensive. With our innovative behaviour therapy and psychological treatment programme, we offer you a treatment style that puts at ease.

To prepare for the treatment, a detailed and intensive session with clinical speech therapist is recommended. Here, our therapist asks you to share your history, the first time you noticed the disorder, try to understand the circumstances that prompted the manifestation of the disorder.

At this stage, the therapist strives to discern the primary cause, pre-disposing cause and the maintaining cause of the stuttering disorder. Understanding this helps us gauge the severity of the disorder as well. Severity may not be only limited to how severe the stuttering is, but it could be also subject to the causes and how it affects the disorder.


Work through it and get the treatment that you want to get, but … don’t see it as a plight on your life, and carry on pushing forward.

- Ed Sheehan

The therapist also determines the kind of programme that the individual needs to undergo based on the demographic. In the case of a minor, the family background and support system is taken into consideration before determining the right course of treatment.

When it comes to prevention of a stutter, usually early detection helps to stop the ascension of the disorder. With various workshops conducted in different parts of the city that makes the general public aware on how to identify early signs of a stutter, we at Stuttering Foundation are committed towards making aware and educating the public on the often misunderstood Stuttering disorder.