With a focussed management team at work, we ensure that all our processes and treatments are kept in accordance with the highest global standards. Our management makes constant efforts to elevate the Foundation to the next level by keeping intact the passion and commitment to ensuring the Foundation’s important work of helping people with their motor speech and stuttering disorders.

Under their exemplary leadership, we at the Stuttering Foundation strive to offer our novel brand of tutelage in care, education, research, and life skill improvement to help serve our clients better.

With the management’s guidance, we have also succeeded in making significant progress to increase fundraising and effective communication to increase awareness and support for the Stuttering Foundation’s mission.

With continuous effort to drive awareness through regular workshops, training programmes throughout the city, the management team has a focussed approach towards making the general public more knowledgeable about Stuttering, its probable causes and of course to educate them to refrain from perpetuating the stigma surrounding stuttering.


Qualified therapist, administrators, students and volunteers

A well balanced mix of Speech Therapists, Administrators, Students and Volunteers make Stuttering Foundation a well rounded and capable organisation that is well equipped with treating as well as preventing stuttering.