Right from the year 1995, we at Stuttering Foundation has treated over 15,000 individuals suffering from Stuttering disorder. We have witnessed various levels of severity of stutter, aspects that factor in such as age, personality, education, nationalities and even stutter patterns.

At Stuttering Foundation, we offer 24 programmes annually, of 6 days duration each. During this, individuals participating learn how to replace the defective muscle contractions that cause stuttering with new muscle behaviours that will help aid in fluent speech. This is further aided with structured learning techniques that improve the absorption and retention of these fluency skills.

With participant age from 12 upwards, with varying levels of severity, our Stuttering Foundation Fluency System is innovative in its approach using the latest development in the world of stuttering treatments. Right from innovative behaviour therapy to psychological treatments, we go to the roots of the stutter to identify the stutter pattern and treat it based on the diagnosis.


With 50 hours of therapy service hours in 6 days,

we at Stuttering Foundation offer a comfortable environment, where you are put at ease alongside other individuals who share the same frustrations of stuttering as yours. With such empathy and unity in spirit towards expecting positive results, we have often seen the positive results of powerful, behaviorally oriented stuttering therapy.