Post -Treatment Support & Follow Up Training

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


After individuals undergo the therapy at Stuttering Foundation, our work does not stop there. We are wholly committed to the treatment with Post-Treatment Support and Follow Up Training.

This allows the individuals who have undergone therapy to retain newly acquired fluency skills for a lifetime in addition to ensuring that continuous practice is key to perfecting the fluency skills learnt at the therapy sessions.

The post-treatment support and follow-up training often helps parents guide the children better and reinforces the exercises learnt during the session in adults and children. Often taken for granted after the therapy sessions, it is important to understand that fluency skills learnt in the therapy sessions have to be practiced regularly to fully eradicate the stutter. Many a times, underlying issues are identified that might trigger the stutter, so individuals who have undergone the therapies are advised to use and practice the coping methods taught to deal in such situations.


Work through it and get the treatment that you want to get, but … don’t see it as a plight on your life, and carry on pushing forward.

- Ed Sheehan

When it comes to prevention of a stutter, usually early detection helps to stop the ascension of the disorder. With various workshops conducted in different parts of the city that makes the general public aware on how to identify early signs of a stutter, we at Stuttering Foundation are committed towards making aware and educating the public on the often misunderstood Stuttering disorder.