Our Team

A well balanced mix of Speech Therapists, Administrators, Students and Volunteers make Stuttering Foundation a well rounded and capable organisation that is well equipped with treating as well as preventing stuttering.

Qualified therapist, administrators, students and volunteers are all expected to undergo a training that will help them and prepare them on the right way to approach and deal with an individual suffering from a stutter disorder.

At Stuttering Foundation, we understand that its not just about having clinically accurate therapies but also about putting the individuals, be it children or adults, who come seeking help at ease and helping them open up about their thoughts and feeling on the disorder.

Often times, our therapists and administrators’ method of dealing with individuals seeking help have helped us identify the underlying cause of the stutter and suggest therapies based on the same.

With our volunteers and student members pitching in by applying their learning after undergoing our education programmes, that are designed to equip the future generations with the knowledge, our connect to individuals seeking help are at a record high.

Why We Special

Qualified therapist, administrators, students and volunteers

With the team available for post-treatment clinical support and follow-up training, all individuals who seek our services are full of confidence to venture out into the world and achieve all the pinnacles of achievement be it in their field of study or career or even daily life.